Vague Ideas

from by B. McCormick



There’s an ancient fire in me
Threatnin’ everything
And it’s not gonna rest until what’s taken is returned to me

Count me on one hand
The amount of honest men, in this town, look around
Look around

I get vague ideas
so I went to a seer
She said the men are gonna come, they’re gonna take your baby down
They’re gonna wrap her ankles up, and they’ll make sure she’s gonna drown
And there ain’t nothin’ you can do about it
There ain’t nothin you can say

So baby come to me
Sing of liberty
Let me etch your figure into my memory
Let me trace your face until it’s all that I can see
Because you’re wild and you’re pure, and that’s why I am so sure
They’ll try to own you
It’s why you cannot stay

Now my blood’s movin’ slow
It happened long ago
But the cut is still new, my hands are itchin’ too
I got a bullet I’ve been savin’ in my pocket
I got a bullet and it’s burnin’ a hole

And I get vague ideas
I get vague ideas
I get vague ideas


from Yearnings, released November 24, 2014



all rights reserved


B. McCormick Richmond, Virginia

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